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By journaling and then analyzing what you’ve written, you'll identify limiting self-beliefs and receive guidance from your guide voice to overcome them. Soul Cards provides simple, actionable steps to make sense of the inner voices in your mind and take control of your inner life.

—Kathleen Spracklen, Independent Writer and Teacher

Each journal entry was like a therapy session that gave both insights into my own life and motivation to work on it. This course is not a solution to all of your life's problems, but it's a first step to understanding yourself, which in turn is a foundation for a happy and balanced life.

—Georgi Sokolov, Entrepreneur

A Way to Upgrade Your Life

(That Actually Works)

Three Transformations Emerge After Reading This Guide...

1. You Will Become a
Better Friend to Yourself

So many people go through life oblivious to what goes on in their own heads. They will self-sabotage. They will make decisions based on what others want them to do. They are out of touch with their heart.

Our friends can sometimes see these things better than we can. But there are ways that we can deepen our understanding of ourselves so that we can start seeing ourselves better, like a friend can.

2. You Will Be Able to Understand the Direction of your life better.

Some people may know themselves, but struggle to see the big picture of their life. They can’t see how they are growing as people. They can’t take a step back and look at their life as more of a holistic whole. This book will give you a foundation for being able to do that.

3. You Will Meet the Magic in Your Life.

My story consists of a bunch of random coincidences, or does it? I share how a series of ups and downs plus a general sense of wonder helped teach me some important lessons about how life works, and how you can learn the same lessons in your own life.

I want to share this same sense of wonder with you and give you tools to start getting rid of the negativity and to attract more of the positive into your life. And don’t worry - I’m not talking about that law of attraction fluff.

Why I'm Giving The Book Away at Cost...

(And No, It's Not a Gimmick.)

You might be wondering why I'm serving up this guide at rock-bottom prices – literally just covering printing, shipping, and all that jazz.

Well, here's the scoop:

First things first, I've poured a whole decade (and let's not even talk about the $100,000!) into the world of psychology, performance, productivity, and yeah, even dabbled in some spirituality (don't worry, no preaching here). I've hit the books in traditional schools as well as binged on all those 'productivity guru' courses.

Why, you ask?

Because I was on a quest to uncover the secrets to building a life that has me jumping out of bed every single day, stoked about what I'm up to. A life that I’d be proud of.

Now, why am I spilling the tea on all this? Well, it's simple - I don't want you burning away years of your life on this quest like I did.

I've already done the grind, so why not let you in on the shortcuts, right? I'd rather you grab the good stuff I've dug up and start living that uniquely 'you' life right now.

And the second reason I'm tossing this guide out there at cost?

Well, I've got a hunch that once you dive into the transformation these pages can spark, you'll be ready for more of the awesome stuff I've got up my sleeve.

That's the deal, folks! I'm pretty darn sure this guide is a life-changer, and I can't wait for you to dive in. 🚀

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long will it take for the guide to arrive?

Your guide will be packaged up beautifully, and sent from either the US or the UK (depending on which is closer to you).

The book will usually get shipped out in about a week or so and its arrival estimate will depend on which shipping method you choose, ranging from 2 days to 2 weeks for US customers and a bit longer for International customers.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact support (listed at the footer of this page).

2. Do you offer refunds?

Yes. I believe in this guide so much that if you're unsatisfied (for any reason), you can send the guide back within one-year, and get a 100% refund. No questions asked.

Just contact me via the support details at the footer of this page. I'll share the return address, and refund every penny.

If you're not happy, I'm not happy!

3. Why Analog? Why Index Cards?

The human mind was not made for digital. When we try to remember specific things, our brains will use every available way to try to do so. One of those ways is location. So where is it on the page that we read it. But with digital, things move around. We are specifically removing this element of memory.

Not only that, but the act of physically writing things down has power that typing just doesn’t. We have to move our hand through the shape of the letters. It’s slower. It’s more deliberate. It’s better.

With index cards, we can move them. Manipulate them. Shuffle them. Lay them out and move them around. We can take a couple and tape them to our wall. We can keep them in front of us when we work. You can’t do that digitally. Yes, there are some apps that are designed to sort of work like index cards in that you can manipulate them. But they are a very poor replacement for the real things. Plus, index cards can’t ding and interrupt your train of thought.

If you truly want to connect with yourself on a deeper level, getting away from the digital and embracing pen and paper is the very best way to do that.

4. Will we use the computer at all?

Yes. In fact, one of the main techniques in the book is typed. This helps us think faster. Then we slow down and write with pen for the important review steps. Basically, the system is adapted to how our brains actually work. For the slow, deep, and deliberate parts, we use paper. For the parts that are better digital, we go digital.

5. But what if I travel a lot?

I’m a full time nomad. There are ways of adapting this system to work with travels.

There are ways of making your Zettlekasten travel-friendly from the get go. There are ways of “backing up” your cards so you can reference them on the go.

I resisted the cards for a good while because I didn’t want to deal with taking a bunch of cards with me when I go from country to country, but I also struggled. When I finally decided to try setting up a Zettlekasten, that is when my life got really good. It’s worth it.

6. What if I don’t believe in Magic? What are you talking about?

When I say “Magic”, I don’t mean the abracadabra kind or the witchcraft and wizardry kind. I’m just referring to whatever force is guiding you through life. Some people call it Wonder. Some call it God. Others call it intuition. I like the term magic. Feel free to replace the word with whatever works best for you.

About The Author

Meet The Girl Championing The Purpose Revolution...

Meet Hailey Rene, the nomadic entrepreneur with Texas roots. In recent years, her adventurous spirit has led her to call various corners of the globe home, including the USA, South Korea, Germany, Argentina, and Taiwan.

After dedicating over a decade to the tech industry, where she even left her mark at Google, Hailey decided to leave tech to pursue a second undergraduate degree while striving to craft a life filled with deeper meaning and purpose.

Armed with two degrees spanning Cognitive Science, Religious Studies, and Computer Science, complemented by a vast library of books, countless training sessions, and seminars on high performance, happiness, and the science of learning and productivity, Hailey has become a mentor in the art of fashioning a life worth celebrating.

And there's a unique twist. Amid her many passions, Hailey developed a profound appreciation for Japanese office supplies. It was through this fascination with analog tools that she uncovered the power of going back to basics, ultimately leading me to the Zettelkasten.

Over the years, Hailey has dabbled in a colorful array of interests, ranging from swing and blues dance, circus arts, DJing, and writing, to a stint of full-time living in an RV and a recent venture into learning Korean. Guided by a strong commitment to personal freedom and authenticity, she's often described as someone who confidently embraces unconventional decisions.

Wonder why Hailey's life seems to effortlessly fall into place? It's not luck; it's grounded in a set of beliefs and systems that serve as the backbone of her life management.

Today, Hailey has made it her mission to share these empowering beliefs and systems with individuals like you, eager to create an analog life development strategy and sculpt a life that evokes genuine pride.

Hailey's Bold Guarantee

I am so confident Soul Cards: A Powerful Technique for Getting to Know Yourself Deeply Using the Art of the Zettlekasten will improve your life that⸺if you're unsatisfied (for whatever reason)⸺you can send the guide back within one year and receive a 100% refund. No questions asked!

Just contact me via the support details at the bottom of this page. You will be given a return address to send the guide back to. I will personally see to it that you are refunded every penny⸺both the cost of the guide and the shipping cost.

How's that for fair?

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I am on a mission to help heart-led dreamers, seeker and world changers wake up happy and build a life they are proud of.

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