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I Would Like to Give You Four Products Valued at $1,045 For FREE


Hailey René

Houston, TX

Tuesday, 11:17 a.m.

Dear Friend,

Hailey René here, author of Soul Cards: A Powerful Technique for Getting to Know Yourself Deeply Using the Art of the Zettelkasten.

I would like to start off by telling you one thing.

And that is...



Yes, I like you.

You are a kindred spirit. You’re the type of person who wants to live a life true to yourself and do so by combining the best of modern psychology with the oldest and best systems - by putting pen to paper.

My purpose is to serve YOU, and my goal is to help you build a life where you wake up happy, deeply connected to who you are and your purpose for living. I want you to build a life you are proud of.


I wrote the Soul Cards book to help people get to know themselves at a deeper level — which is truly the first step to building the best version of YOUR life. It’s the secret to my success as a modern day rebel.

These techniques connected me with my quiet internal voices that were having a big impact on my ability to function, beat procrastination, and quit the self-sabatoging.

They are responsible for helping me make hard decisions that were aligned with my heart and purpose. Decisions that I have stuck to over the last few years and which have resulted in the most wonderful experiences. I can truly say that I’m excited for the life that I’ve built and continue to build.

I no longer wake up bored with my work wondering why I’m spending so much of my precious life on problems that I don’t care about in order to make someone else rich.

My purpose is to serve you in the most effective way possible. Which is why I want to "speed things up" in terms of the time it takes to get you results.

My goal, simply put——

Is to minimize the time it takes for you to build a life aligned with your soul purpose.

For this reason, I am (with your permission) going to give you a special gift.

I'm going to give you FREE access to a three-part video course called...


A $500 Value (Yours-For-Freaking-Free)

In just a moment, you will have access to this course, for free, forever.

Soul Cards Masterclass contains content I have not covered in my public YouTube videos or podcast.

In the masterclass, I show you the following:

  • How I would build out my Soul Cards Zettelkasten if I were to start over from scratch.

  • ​How you should approach and apply the Soul Cards book.

  • My precise process for extracting insights from my own reflections.

And the best part...



I haven't shared this material publicly because I'll be giving you an intimate look at my private thoughts contained in my own Soul Cards (sorry, but it just feels weird publishing that stuff on YouTube for the entire world to see).

In sum, Soul Cards Masterclass will equip you with the tools to use index cards to become your own best friend (and change your freaking life).

Seeing an up-close and personal look will demystify anything you find confusing. As a result, it will accelerate your transformation to align your life with who you are.

Now... You may be wondering why I'm giving you this video course for free (after all, there are "Life Coach Gurus" out there who charge thousands of dollars for their video courses).

The answer to why I'm giving this away for free is simple...


I'm giving you Soul Cards Masterclass as a shameless bribe for saying "maybe" to my physical monthly newsletter, The Hailey René Letter.

Here's the deal: If you agree to a 1-month free trial of The Hailey René Letter (which is life-changing, and I'll tell you about it in a moment), then——

I will give you Soul Cards Masterclass completely free.

And there are no strings attached.

Here's what I mean: If you decide to cancel your 1-month free trial of The Hailey René Letter—at any time—you still get to keep access to the Soul Cards Masterclass course.

In fact, I am so convinced The Hailey Rene Letter will transform your mind (and life) that I've decided to "go all out" in enticing you to try it. For this reason, I've assembled three more free gifts you also get to keep (even if you decide to cancel your 1-month trial subscription to my physical monthly newsletter).

Here they are...



(A $30 Value!)

Freedom is a value that is of the upmost importance to me and is seen throughout everything that I do. But “freedom” can mean a bunch of different things.

This guide introduces the 7 different types of freedom and how you can work towards creating a life with each of them. Working towards all of them at once can prevent you from reaching the life that you truly desire.

This beautifully designed roadmap helps you plan out your own path to freedom. It’s delivered digitally as a PDF so that you can start using it immediately.

And it is not available anywhere else.



(A $15 Value!)

When setting up a new Zettelkasten, one of the hardest parts is figuring out the high level topics. Add in whole new section for personal growth and the problem gets even bigger.

So I’m going to give you the outline for how I’ve structured my WHOLE Zettelkasten. All of it. Not just the personal growth section covered in Soul Cards.

Along with with outline, I explain, in detail, why it is set up the way it is and how you can adapt it to your personal situation and interests.

Note: I do it a bit differently than the other Zettelkasten gurus out there. And frankly, I think it’s better. :)

This is given as a digital PDF of the outline.


1-on-1 Coaching Session With Hailey

(A $500 Value!)

Everyone is different. Everyone’s system should be personalized to them. I want to help you make the Soul Cards system work for you. So I’m giving everyone who tries The Hailey René Letter an hour of my time 1-on-1 for free.

In this hour, I can help you set up your Soul Cards, answer questions, or coach you through an issue your are facing - whatever you need.

This bonus won’t be here forever. I’ll have to remove it if I start getting too many people, so get it while you can.

OK, that's all you get.

To sum things up, I'm giving you the four products I detailed above FOR FREE.

You get...

  1. Soul Cards Masterclass (3-part video course) - $500 Value

  2. Personal Freedom Roadmap (47-page eBook) - $30 Value

  3. Hailey’s Zettelkasten Starter Outline (a PDF "cheat sheet") - $15 Value

  4. ​1-on-1 Coaching Session with Hailey (1 hour call on Google Meet) - $500 Value

I am giving you instant access to all four of these products—for free—just for saying "maybe" to my life-changing physical monthly newsletter, The Hailey René Letter.

So why am I giving you all of this?!

It's not because I'm overly charitable or crazy (OK, maybe I am a little bit). The reason I'm offering you these four products for free is because I know The Hailey Rene Letter will change the course of your life.

You see, a year and a half ago, two things happened at almost the exact same time. First, I lost my dad and second, I got Covid.

This started a particularly rough period in my life full of grief and health issues. My mind just didn’t work as well as it had before and I went on a search for a system that would help. I ended up finding the Zettelkasten (in digital form).

But I’m a pen and paper girl and just could not get the digital system to work. That’s how I ended up finding the Antinet (pen and paper) Zettelkasten and the community of people who had formed around it. At the heart of the community was a physical monthly newsletter written by the author of the Antinet Zettelkasten book.

I initially signed up for the newsletter with the intention of canceling after getting the freebies. I even rolled my eyes anytime he said that the newsletter would change my life.

Well, I’m still a subscriber and it did change my life. That’s how I learned how powerful a physical monthly newsletter can be. No joke.


Each newsletter shared personal stories, philosophy, and lessons that I could work on applying throughout the month, and introduced me to others trying to implement the same things.

The monthly newsletter ended up pulling me out of my grief and gave me hope again.

Before all of this happened, I had lauched a course called Purpose, which compiled everything I had learned in my life about finding and living a purposeful life, and performing at a high level over the long term.

The course was great (if I do say so myself) and the few people who went through it said it was life changing. It helped them to wake up happy and be excited about their life. But I never marketed the course very hard because there was one thing about it that didn't sit well with me. -- The fact that it was a 12-week course.

The process of finding your purpose and creating an awesome life is not something that happens in 12 weeks. It is an ever evolving process. It's about taking small steps and making small changes consistently over time. Not massive action over a couple of months.

But the monthly newsletter format was perfect. I could take my system for helping you build an amazing life around your core reason for being alive -- a life you are proud of -- but give it to you in reasonable chunks at reasonable intervals for it actually to be the most useful.

What if I could give my people something they would look forward to every month——an ink-and-paper publication that spoke to their soul and upgraded their mind?

And that, my friend, is how The Hailey René Letter was born.

The Hailey Rene Letter is the #1 physical monthly newsletter in the world about freedom, authenticity and purpose to build a heart-led life you are proud of.


At its core, The Hailey René Letter is about happiness.

We have been indoctrinated to believe that there is a best or right path through life. This is commonly from school to job to marriage to retirement. But this path doesn't take into account our individuality. So many are trapped on this life path and miserable. Or if not miserable, left with a feeling that something important is missing.

I invite anyone who feels this way to start a path to learning what makes you you and what your life path should be according to YOU and YOUR purpose.

That is what The Hailey René Letter helps you do.

My greatest fear is being about to die and realizing that I wasted my life. That's why I researched all of this so deeply and why I've made it my mission to help others learn to live amazing lives too. This is my purpose.

Even people who already like what they are doing can still learn something from The Hailey René Letter.

Finding your purpose is just the beginning. I will also share everything I have learned about productivity and high performance -- Which I have spent WAY too much time and money learning.

Knowing what you are meant to do with your life doesn't mean much if you can't actually implement it.

So will you join me on an adventure of getting to know yourself deeply, finding your purpose, and putting that purpose into practice?

And by saying "maybe" to The Hailey René Letter, and saying yes to a 1-month trial, you will get the four (insane) free gifts I outlined.

If you cancel your free trial——which I'm sure you won't——you still keep all four bonus products for free!

Every month, sent via physical mail to your doorstep, will be a letter from yours truly.

The letter will pull back the curtain and give you an in-depth look into the life of a heart-led dreamer.


Each issue of The Hailey René Letter contains the latest and greatest material that you can immediately apply to your life.

Topics include:

  • How to start listening to the quiet parts of your mind instead of constant negative spirals.

  • How to examine your beliefs to find places where the "shoulds" from others have seeped into your mind and are blocking your happiness.

  • How to listen to your heart when it guides you towards your purpose.

  • How to set and breakdown goals that you can ACTUALLY achieve. (No more New Year's Resolutions that you inevitably drop.)

  • The change in perspective that can skyrocket your happiness.

  • How to get a lot more done using one small change.

  • The science of happiness that is based on real research.

  • How to increase the good coincidences in your life and triple your luck.

  • How to find the hidden truth you're meant to share with the world.

  • Plus, you'll learn my latest and greatest Soul Cards Zettelkasten practices.

These are but a few of the topics that I cover in The Hailey René Letter.


Every month you can count on one thing: I pour my heart and soul into each issue of the newsletter. I share everything I've discovered about freedom, authenticity, purpose, and living a truly epic life.

You'll hear about the lessons I've had to learn the hard way (and the expensive way). You'll learn about the things I wish I'd learned earlier in my near twenty years doing this.

And this includes all the embarrassing stuff I'd rather not share——most things I've never revealed publicly before——heck, I'll be sharing things I have not even shared yet with anyone!

You're going to get a behind-the-curtains personal look into my daily life. I share with you what's working with my goals, my habits, my writing, and my life!

That way, you can learn from my example and apply these gems of wisdom to your own life.

Listen: I don't take my commitment to you lightly. I pour out my soul to you every time I write The Hailey René Letter, guided by my own purpose.

Yes, that is what writing the truth is all about. In each issue, I give a little piece of my life.

That, my friend, is my commitment to you. It's me writing to you one-on-one every single month. It's me writing to you as your teacher, your mentor, and your guide.

I want you to experience the fulfillment of living as a true heart-led dreamer.

I want you to experience the moments when your life starts to line up with your soul purpose and things just start to work.

I want you to go deep into yourself and discover who you truly are.

I want you to experience the magic that happens when you adopt this way of looking at life.

Heck, I may want all of this for you even more than you want it for yourself!——and that's fine.

I've seen the power this has in my own life and I wish the same level of peace and happiness for you.

I truly believe that if we all did this work -- if we all found and lived our purpose -- the world would be a more peaceful and profoundly happier place.

That's why I'm here.


Every month, you will experience the excitement of my newsletter arriving on your doorstep. You will look forward to that time when you get to rip open a fresh new issue, sit down with a cup of coffee or tea, and unplug from digital distractions.

On top of this, I will give you life-changing lessons that you won't find anywhere else.

The look and feel of The Hailey René Letter is precisely that of the very best old-school classic newsletters.

It consists primarily of text, and is set in mono-spaced font on plain white paper. It is concisely written and each issue packs a punch.

I know this letter will transform your life.

To recap——

By saying "maybe" to The Hailey René Letter, you will get the following four products for free:

  1. Soul Cards Masterclass (3-part video course) - $500 Value

  2. Personal Freedom Roadmap (47-page eBook) - $30 Value

  3. Hailey’s Zettelkasten Starter Outline (a PDF "cheat sheet") - $15 Value

  4. ​1-on-1 Coaching Session with Hailey (1 hour call on Google Meet) - $500 Value

You get all of this, for free, with a 1-month trial of The Hailey René Letter.

The regular price of a subscription is $49/mo., however, I'm giving you a 1-month trial of it for free. Your first issue will be shipped on the 1st of the month.

All I ask is that you cover the shipping & materials cost of $15 for the first issue today.

And remember: If you are unsatisfied——for any reason——you can cancel your subscription instantly (and still keep all four products for free).

Sound good?


Whew... I've written a lot.

Anyway, here's a summary of everything you get...

Get All Four Gifts For Free, Plus a Free 1-Month Trial of The Hailey René Letter

  • Soul Cards Masterclass (3-part video course) - $500 Value

  • Personal Freedom Roadmap (47-page eBook) - $30 Value

  • Hailey's Zettelkasten Starter Outline (a PDF "cheat sheet") - $15 Value

  • 1-on-1 Coaching Session with Hailey (Google Meet Call) - $500 Value

TOTAL VALUE: $1,045.00

You Pay...

Just $15!

(Shipping & Materials Cost)

You will receive an email with instant access to all four products.

You will also receive a FREE 1-month trial of The Hailey René Letter, an ink-and-paper publication shipped on the 1st day of each month. All I ask is that you pay the shipping & materials cost of $15 for your first issue today.

After your free 1-month trial of The Hailey René Letter ends, your subscription will proceed automatically at its regular price of $49/month.

You can cancel at any time and still keep all four products for free.

Get ready for the soul-driven ride of your life!

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When will I receive the newsletter?

Each issue of The Hailey René Letter is sent to the print shop on the first business day of the month.

For instance, if you started your trial on July 15th, your first issue will be sent to the print shop on August 1st (assuming August 1st is a business day).

The print shop takes 1-2 business days to print, package, and ship your issue.

For U.S. customers: Your issue will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail (it takes 1-3 business days to arrive).

For International customers: Your issue will be shipped——with love and care——via standard mail (and takes 3-6 weeks to arrive).

If you ever have any questions about your order, I want you to email me personally at I will take care of you.

Why $15?

This covers the cost of shipping and materials. I don't skimp out on quality. The type of paper I use is thick 60 lb opaque paper. Also, I don't believe in doing that $14.98 marketing crap, so it's just a plain $15.

What happens if you increase the subscription price?

Don't worry; the price you get in at today is what you'll pay forever. I do intend to increase the price to $98.95/mo. in the future (which is what it's really worth). However, the rate you get today ($48.95/mo.) is the rate you'll pay forever. You're "grandfathered in," as they say.

Do you offer any refunds?

No, that defeats the purpose of having a free trial. The reason I offer a 1-month free trial is to give you a taste of what you'll get. Still, if you're unhappy, I'm unhappy!——which is why you can cancel your subscription anytime. Full contact details are found below.

Any other questions?


Great. You know what to do.

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I am on a mission to help heart-led dreamers, seeker and world changers wake up happy and build a life they are proud of.

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